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As a woman, your body goes through a lot of changes during the course of your reproductive lifetime. And you can be sure that gynecologic health issues will arise from time to time. 

Donor Egg IVF is a highly successful treatment option that is used for patients who no longer have quality eggs within their ovaries. Most women experience a natural decline in ovarian function after age 35. Ageing naturally causes a decrease in egg quality, which for some women may increase the need to use donor eggs in order to become pregnant.
In cases of advanced maternal age or in a women with poor ovarian reserve where there is less number of eggs remaining in the ovaries or poor egg quality, DONOR EGG IVF is an effective solution to the problem of infertility. IVF with donor eggs has helped hundreds of couples conceive child of their own when they have lost any hope of a child….

Indications for Donor Egg IVF

1.After doing a through fertility analysis, your fertility specialist may recommend IVF with egg donation as a treatment option in the following situations.

2.patients with low ovarian reserve (insufficient good-quality eggs)
• Advanced maternal age
• post menopausal women
• Premature ovarian failure (when the ovaries have stopped working before the age of 40)
• Genetic disorder (When the mother has a genetic condition that may be passed on to the baby)
• Persistent poor responded( When patient has not responded well to ovarian stimulation during a typical IVF cycle)

Donor Egg IVF – The Process
• It is a process whereby the egg donor has eggs removed from her ovaries and then fertilized with patient’s husband sperm in our laboratory. .
• The donor receives medication to stimulate her ovaries to develop and release several mature eggs. Through this period, she will undergo blood tests and ultrasound scans to monitor egg development.Concurrently, the recipient receives medication to suppress her natural ovulation cycle to stop her ovaries from releasing eggs and to prepare her uterus for embryo implantation.
• Once mature, eggs are collected from the donor through a simple procedure known as egg retrieval and combined with sperm from the recipient’s partner in a lab to enable fertilization. The fertilized eggs (now embryos) are then transferred into the uterine cavity of the recipient woman for implantation and the establishment of pregnancy. The remaining embryos can be cryopreserved for a future pregnancy.

• Donor egg success rates are by far the best of all fertility treatments, due to the utilization of younger eggs during an IVF cycle.

• If you have questions or would like a second opinion regarding a donor egg IVF cycle you are considering, please contact IndiraIVF Gorakhpur

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